Information for non-EU customers:


Your residence and delivery address are outside the EU.

Then your bill is TAX-free

Prices on the homepage are gross prices - you see prices without 19% tax not until you proceed with your order to the checkout.


What you have to consider for shipping?

1. For each international shipping, it is important that the customer provides his E-mail address and telephone number.

If you are unsure about your details while entering the address to the form, please enter your address a second time in the comments.

2. Beware - we will send the package only once. Once the details are entered the rest is an automated process and out of our hands.

3. You should therefore necessarily be at home and accept the package.

In case of returns, we will have to charge you the return costs as well as the second delivery attempt.

4. Please do not use abbreviations or address symbols delivery details, state, country, telephone number, and so on.



Will there be customs duties or any additional costs?

Yes, it depends on your country. Therefore, please inform yourself in advance.

"Legal duties or other costs will always be collected by the recipient".



In case you have any further questions, please contact us in advance.